Customer Service Representative

Heather Ferguson

Tire Technician
Joseph Hampton

Jerry has been in the tire business for decades.

He is ready to put his vast knowledge to use for you. He has done it all in the tire business from passenger and light truck to large industrial and farm tires. He likes helping others and working on his classic cars.

Brad has been doing tires since he was 14 years old. Every type of tire made he has changed. He can help you with whatever issues you are having with your tires.

Jason has been in the automotive industry for almost 30 years. He has worked on every type of vehicle imaginable. If anyone can make your car run straight, its this guy.

Rob has been here a long time. He knows how things work and how to get your car what it needs. He keeps the employees moving and makes sure your wait is as small as possible.

Tire Technician

Kaleb Caudill

With a combined 100 plus years experience behind our top notch staff, it would be a challenge to find a more prepared group to take care of your tire and oil needs.

Bill has been with Smiths Tire Sales many years. He knows everything there is to know about tires. He is dedicated to making sure your vehicle is safe and ready to get you where you need to go.

Joe loves working on cars and is a valuable member of our team. He is a hard worker and is ready to make your car perform at its top level!

Industrial/ Farm Technician

Brad Smith

Heather is Vernon Smith's granddaughter. She is proud to carry on the tradition of a great, family owned business. Heather is a tire expert that looks forward to helping you get what you need as fast and cost efficient as possible.

Doug is a top performer on our team. He is always leading the way and helping get your car out as soon as possible. It's employees like Doug that make it possible for you to sit and wait while your car gets done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Customer Service Representative

Bill Meadors

Tire Technician
Doug Johnson

Customer Service Representative

Jerry Pearson

Shop Foreman

Robert Odom

Kaleb has worked on tires most of his life. He likes it so much, he even works on cars at home also. He owns and drives his own racecar and enjoys helping people any way he can.

We consider donning the blue shirts we have used for over 20 years to be a great honor. Unlike the chain stores that cycle through employees everyday, we value our great employees. In return, our employees will be around for years to come to help you with your vehicle maintenance. Here are the people that make Smiths Tire what it is..

James loves to make your car work right. He is a Ford man through and through. He is a qualified and trained tire technician and is currently training to mount semi, industrial, and farm tires.

Alignment Technician

Jayson Shelton

Tire Technician

James Young.